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More than half of homeowners check online reviews from previous customers

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According to the most recent analysis, fifty-seven percent of house owners believe checking reviews from previous customers is definitely recommended before hiring a trade tradesperson to carry out work.

Checking a trade professional’s website was also extremely important, with forty-three percent of respondents claiming that this was a key step to hiring an expert. This trend was stronger for younger owners, with sixty-three percent of 18 to 34-year-olds following this rule, compared to only thirty-nine percent of respondents aged fifty-five or over.

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The ‘Verified Pros’ on the market through Plentific are completely vetted to make sure that they need all the suitable protect their trades. With the additional backing of the Plentific Guarantee, during the ainitial contract that comes as customary with Verified execs, owners may get pleasure from an additional layer of protection if the duty doesn’t head to arrange.

Plentific has partnered with many high-status names within the property trade, together with Simply Business, the UK’s biggest business insurance agent. This partnership makes it easier for professionals to stay on top of their insurance protection through automatic notifications that alert them once their protection is about to expire, and by automatically examining the most effective deals on their behalf. For owners, this provides additional support that once hiring a trade skill that they’re going to be protected if anything should go wrong.

Stephen Jury, the representative for Plentific, commented, “The proven fact that a lot of owners check previous client reviews shows how much influence individuals placed on real world testimonials and up to date client experiences.”

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